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Stacked like a stone cairn, these carved candlesticks made of porcelain are each unique, a little wonky, and dramatic. One piece is left raw clay while the others are glazed in white satin. Some sport holes for feathers or anything you come up with and the dish can be filled with shells, lavender, jewelry, candles or whatever other thing you collect and love, like an alter to your own life and experience. 

They are called Damballah after the Voodou God who represents creation. I once spied something that I thought was a candlestick, or a sculpture through a window while walking the streets of Brazil that made me want to make something similar in clay. It was tall but made of round bits and it was brightly painted and patterned. I had zero experience in pottery and it took me 15 years to get to the point where I was ready to attempt the task. My candlesticks turned out completely different from what I saw, but I never forgot that glimpse, and I know, for me, that moment was the first of my journey with clay, my creation moment.

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