A easily portable supply of daily essential superherbs. Each formula is carefully composed with tonics, adaptogens, cleansers and powerhouses known to support each particular organ system and area. Highest quality goodness of wildcrafted and organic Herbs are used to create high vibrational products.These medicinal mixers can be added to non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks as well as tea or soup. They can also be drank straight up (1tsp per dosage) to have your medicinal dose of the day.


Curam Elixir- Anti-Aging + Beauty Elixir composed of the most powerful vitamin C sources from the rainforest with heirloom turmeric. 

Soma Elixir - Adaptogenic Whole Body Defense, 6 mushrooms delicately extracted over a period of 30 days with added phytonutrient powerhouses like Schizandra berries and Rose Geranium.

Viridem Elixir - Master Detoxifier + Mineralizier. An excellent detoxifier using rainforest greens and added mineralizing sources like Chlorella, Spirulina and Rama Tulsi.

Euphoria Elixir - Euphoria + Love. Our aphrodisiac elixir with mood enhancing herbs. Increase your libido while nourishing your sexual organs with the right kind of chemistry! 

Dream Elixir - Lucid Dreaming + Sleep Aid. Chill out, unwind and stay calm with our popular formula using Passionflower, Kava Kava, Blue Lotus and beyond. Known to awaken the mind in sleep, while providing a deep and calming energy.

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