Global Eye Art Collective is a long time collaboration of Michael Robertson and Kristen Cramer, exploring a multitude of artistic directions. Together we live and work in Santa Ynez, California. Our studio is at home; we are constantly working on new products and projects and can’t keep our hands still. We have a dark room, a ceramics studio, an easel to paint at, a printing press, a wood working bench, a vineyard, bees, chickens, and a big organic garden. Who knows what we will make next.  


Our retail store and online shop began as a way to sell the things we make. As we’ve grown, we have included other artists. Our shop is curated with care. We strive to find unique, quality, handmade items, perfect to give as gifts or to fill your home.  If you are in our neighborhood, please visit us at our retail store where we often give workshops and have events.



In art school, studying painting, pottery was looked down upon as a craft. But I had always loved it. 15 years after I graduated, I snuck down to my garage, collected craigslist equipment, and began to experiment and figure out how to make pottery on my own. It took a year, a thousand broken pots, a river of tears and sweat, and an endless amount of devotion. I still have a lot to learn, and I am constantly experimenting, breaking pots and weeping tears, and sometimes finding something wonderful.

I love my work to be a little wonky, Wabi Sabi, imperfect, but perfect. I think that it suits a modern home, a traditional home, and a house packed full with crazy stuff. I hope you enjoy it too.